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Lipitor Efficacité

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Since then I have been feeling really sick I have very tingly lips, tight chest, poor sleep and I did not realise it can further effect my liver. I have been getting pain on my R side I have had scans etc and there is nothing to see. I have been checking all of my meds to see which of them was making me feel sick and Lipitor Efficacité is Lipitor.

I have read up on this now and Im never taking it again. Ive cut down on my pain killers for my fybro thinking it was those. Now im hurting with tingly lips feeling as sick as Lipitor Efficacité dog!! Have been on Lipitor 80mgm for 9 months. Having extreme pain from hip to knee on outer side, bilaterally. Worse while in bed! No other reason than Lipitor. Today I am stopping it for a week when I will inform doctor re my findings.

My dose had been too high too!! Also, for the past ten plus years I only slept a combined total of 3 to 6 restless hours a night. I would wake every hour for the first 2 to 3 hours, then lay awake Lipitor Efficacité to 3 hours, Lipitor Efficacité, and occasionally sleep another hour before the alarm went off.

However, only one day after stopping Lipitor this problem disappeared. I now sleep well and consider it to be a small miracle after ten years of little to no sleep. In addition, Lipitor Efficacité immediately lost 20 pounds of weight over two weeks, and as result had to Lipitor Efficacité my blood pressure medication.

I now feel like Lipitor Efficacité am in my 40s.

I am able to walk with ease, get up out of a chair, and get down on one or two knees then get back up without assistance. My doctor and I are waiting to see what Lipitor Efficacité to my cholesterol level Lipitor Efficacité that Lipitor Efficacité am off Lipitor. Over this period Lipitor was successful in keeping my cholesterol level between and I had no apparent side effects, or so I thought.

Then three months ago a minor muscle ache in my upper left leg eventually turned into a major medical issue.

Los efectos adversos del Lipitor (Atorvastatina)

The pain spread to my groin and lower abdomen, and I could no longer lift my leg. I then went to the emergency room, Lipitor Efficacité.

After several test the doctors could find nothing wrong and sent me home. At the mandatory Lipitor Efficacité up visit with my family doctor two days later I asked if I could stop Lipitor temporarily.


This was based on my recent reading of Lipitor Efficacité possible side effects; he agreed. Within two days all the aches and pains I had endured for years disappeared. All this pain had made me feel like a 90 year old person; I Lipitor Efficacité barely walk and I knew this was not right. Doctors would diagnose arthritis Lipitor Efficacité old age and tell me nothing could be done.

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Then stopped Lipitor and my new doctor switched me to 40mg atorvastatin Lipitor as it was cheaper and Lipitor Efficacité hard on my liver. Few months later developed stomach erosion. Stopped aspirin and doctor recommended I start lansoprazole daily antacid get back on aspirin. I requested to switch back to Crestor. Once on Crestor stomach problems cleared up and now back on baby aspirin as well. Scary though as Lipitor Efficacité I listened to my doctors I’d still be on Lipitor, aspirin and lansoprazole., Lipitor Efficacité.

Lipitor Efficacité

Haven’t seen to many blogs on Lipitor stomach issues, but then could be misdiagnosed and marked with antacids My doctor couldn’t figure it out and thought it might be pancreatitis, based on blood work, Lipitor Efficacité. I researched the side effects of Lipitor and stopped taking it. That was three weeks ago and I feel fantastic now. Diet and exercise -yes, Lipitor Efficacité.

IS there problem with that?

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I also began to have lightheaded spells which caused me to pass out syncope twice hitting the left frontal lobe of my head my left breast and have no memory of what happened other than what I was told. I also have a lot of muscle pain since beingon it. I would not Lipitor Efficacité the atorvastatin which is the generic Lipitor, Lipitor Efficacité. By the 9th day I was an emotional mess and digestive issues.

I switched to 20mg every other day.

Important Information on Taking Lipitor

The side effects disappeared and my cholesterol went from to First 4 days no side effects, 5th day started experiencing brain fog, twighlight zone feeling like I was disconnected 2x, on 6th day episodes increased, not worth the Lipitor Efficacité of life. Doctor took me off it right away, we’re trying, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, Lipitor Efficacité. He told me that brain waves can cross with this med, count me out!

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